So this weekend I had a meeting with Sandy Kim and Marcus Striklin. They are making this short called “Portrait of an Addict”, and it’s a great dramatic piece. It’s personal to Sandy because of an experience that she had in life. And it’s personal to me also because of some past history. I am really looking forward to scoring this because of the extra meaning.

I’m also looking forward to this because I just find Marcus and Sandy driven and full of love for what they do. I prefer to work with driven people whose energy is only matched by their will to learn and be better. I follow this mantra myself. I always want to be able to say that my last piece was my best piece.

I also liked that the fact that the three of us have this energy triangle going. Sandy and I both have this connection to just hearing whack music in situations (like old school metal). Marcus is a great admirer of film composers. It’s such an incredible energy to connect with people in this way.

I also get to flex my muscle a bit with movement. Going from one landscape in one part to another, it’s very exciting. I haven’t gotten to work much with dramas, and this is an absolutely great opportunity. I can only thank Marcus and Sandy for trusting me with their vision.

This is the reason I do what I do..


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