In an effort to update my site, I added a few pieces from “Wendi”, a short web series I worked on. I decided to focus only on the title theme, some of the kind of creepy short pieces that I did, and the credits music. In the set of music here, I hope you will find something that you like.

I wanted “Wendi” the title theme to be somewhat haunting. She is a ghost after all, and is alone her quest to find who her killer is. “The Arrest” and “Disbelief” are very similar. They basically represent that sort of ambient but low driving sequence music that just sets a tone for the scene. “She and He” is a tribute to old school horror music and was quite fun to make. “The Beginning” is actually credits music, and is sort of a steampunk ode to the ghost story.

I hope you enjoy it. You can find it on my projects page at :

Bruce’s Projects